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Rückrufaktion für SANTI Thermovalve


Santi ThermovalveBeim Santi Thermo Valve gibt es eine Rückrufaktion. Es betrifft die Ventile, welche vor Februar 2012 verkauft wurden.

Den Text findet ihr zur Zeit auf der SANTI WebSite unter “Updates/Recalls”


The case regarding Thermo valves purchased before February 2012

Dear Customers,

In about 2% of Thermo valves purchased by our clients before February 2012 we have noticed a defect. The valve retaining Clip „C” may be faulty. In an extreme situation Clip „C” may break, causing the ejection of the Main Button and flooding the suit.
This fault is very easy to identify it yourself. If your valve Clip „C” is somehow weakened or rusty, do not dive with this valve and return it to Santi to exchange for a new one. Replacements will be sent to you as soon as possible.

If your Thermo valve was purchased before February 2012 please send it directly to Santi on the following given address: Santi Sp. z o.o. 81- 341 Gdynia Poland ul. T. Wendy 7-9.

All valves purchased after February 2012 already have a new reliable Clip „C” inside. To compare old and new clip see the picture below.
Please do not hesitate to contact us directly in case of any questions or doubts.

Santi Thermovalve

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