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Predator Firmware V56 veröffentlicht

Shearwater Research

Download it here:

This is a recommended update for all Predator users.

Version 56:
All Models:
  • NEW FEATURE: Added tissues bar graph to info screens.
  • NEW FEATURE: Surface Interval now displays on main screen (in place of deco STOP TIME) when not diving.
  • NEW FEATURE: Added optional new style gas select (like in Petrel).
  • NEW FEATURE: Added Clear Log menu option (cannot be undone). Doesn’t actually delete data, but flags records so does not display on Predator or desktop software. However, logs can still be recovered from .swlogdata file. Reason for the ability to recover is in the case of a diving accident, where logs have been accidentally or maliciously deleted.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Changed VPM-B convergence criteria to handle corner cases better.
  • CHANGE: When within 1m of surface, do not update average depth. Prevents surface intervals from being included in average depth.
  • FIX: Improvements to GF and VPM-B NDL calculations for more accurate NDL times, especially during ascents.
  • FIX: In VPM-B, if a better gas was available, but user remained on a different gas, then when approaching a stop, the deco calculations would switch back and forth between using the better gas and using the current gas depending on slight changes to depth. Proper behavior is to assume user will select the better gas, and always use that for deco calculations.
  • FIX: For Deco Planner in Buhlmann GF, fixed problem where on some units the first run of the Deco Planner would result in slightly different results from all subsequent (and correct) runs.
Standalone and Fischer Models:
  • NEW FEATURE: Added gauge mode. With stopwatch and resettable average depth.
  • NEW FEATURE: Added configurable centre row displays. Unused space on main screen centre row can be user configured (not available when 3 external O2 sensors are used, as there is no unused space).
  • CHANGE: Slight menu reorganization. Added a Mode setting (OC, OC/CC, OC/SC, Gauge) like on the Petrel. This replaces two older menu items, ‘OC Only’ and ‘Closed\Semi’.
Analog Rebreather Controller Models:
  • IMPROVEMENT: Added solenoid current measurements when solenoid is expected to be off. Used to detect if solenoid MOSFET switch has failed as a short circuit. Issues a Solenoid Alert warning.
  • IMPROVEMENT: O2 injection is more aggressive when using 0.19 setpoint (since overshoot is not a problem, but allowing PPO2 to fall below 0.19 is a problem).
  • FIX: For Hollis liability screen, flip buttons when screen is flipped.
  • CHANGE: When bailing out to OC, automatically switch to low setpoint (to make buoyancy control easier).
  • CHANGE: If setpoint is 0.19, and wet contacts detect water, then promote setpoint to low setpoint.
  • Reminder that the 0.19 setpoint is not intended for use when breathing on the loop. The 0.19 setpoint is a convenience feature for use when setting up and storing the rebreather only.
DiveCAN Rebreather Controller Models:
  • FIX: Fixed problem with very high CAN bus loads (> 40%) which can cause watchdog reset.
    Never reported in the field, as typically bus loads are under 0.5%.

For more information, please read the release notes here:

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